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you and i my love will live happily everafter

hello my name is Danielle
i am 14 (15 in 2 weeks w00t w00t)years old.
i live in san diego.

my favorite bands are (unlimited number)... thrice, taking back sunday, against me, justin sane, my chemical romance, matchbox romance, underotah, bright eyes, a message in transit, hawthorne heights, snow patrol, the gt up kids, oasis, the cure, finch,from first to last, cold play, fm static, some dashbored connfessional,everclear, the used, finger eleven,incubus,greenday, thursday..... the list goes on
my favorite movies are (unlimited number)... slc puck, donnie darko, pretty woman,napoleon dynamite, without a paddel.... i cant think right now but theres more
my favorite book is the perks of being a wall flower
because... i just so closly related to this book its not even funny, i dont even like reading but i couldnt put this one down, i sugest it to everyone

current favorite song and who is it by: justin sane- 61c days turned to nights
list up to 3 of your favorite lyrics:
i'll wait for you but i cant wait forever-hawthorne heights- ohio is for lovers
i reach'd like a pimp and i slaped the ho- dynamite dack - boys in the hood

your definition of emo (WE KNOW IT MEANS EMOTIONAL): to me emo means to not be scared of what other people think about you, cause where i live emo kids are looked down apon, i also think it means being in touch with your emotions the happy ones along with the sad ones
what makes you emo? i guess nothing make me emo, its cuz who i am
what can you bring to this community? myself and recomendations of good bands and good music

make us laugh, damnit! (pictures, websites, etc.)

something about this picture and it makes me giggle
what do you think of scene kids? to tell you the truth im not quite sure what that is

finally, post at least 3 clear pictures of your face. THEN, you can post your terrific pictures of you posing if you wish. the pics most communities ban in apps. because you can only see one eye, i love those. they're fun. post them if you please. i dont have any becuase i crashed my comp last week, but if u dont hole that aganist me i'll post some as soon as i can

what do you think of the mods from first glance and/or their journals?
you look very pretty,awsome bands in ur info
</b>oo2.cry_away:</b>yu look very pretty,awsome layout
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